Most Europeans, when travelling to and from Australia, travel westbound.

Travelling eastbound however, is still pretty much unknown.  For sure it takes a bit more effort when reserving your trip but it is well worth it.

Actually all started with the idea to celebrating the 50th birthday of a close friend twice.

This is possible since you are passing the international dateline when flying from the US or Canada.

You are loosing one day on your way Downunder and winnig a day when coming back.

At present flights from Europe to the US are extremely cheap and monthly hit new record lows so why not choosing this route?

Well, there are great cities to discover in the US . Cities off the beaten track like Sacramento, Portland or Atlanta just to mention a few. Also, smaller airports are less crowded an TSA only takes a few minutes.

Coming to the point how to getting to Australia. Apart from the major US carriers there is a wonderfully different boutique airline called Hawaiian.

Hawaiian Airlines, flag carrier of Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines, flag carrier of Hawaii

Actually this airline is quite old, so easily comparable to the aviation dinosaurs like KLM, Quantas or Lufthansa.

However, the airline is refreshingly different. For an US airline the fleet age is young and with mainly Airbus A330 state of the art.

Economy Class Hawaiian Airlines

Economy Class Hawaiian Airlines

Seat pich is good and ..... they offer service.

Yes you heard it right, service.

Dinner Economy Class Sydney Honolulu

Dinner Economy Class Sydney Honolulu

Decent and free inflight meals, amenity kids, inflight entertainment and..... liquor for free. At least on the international routes or a free welcome cocktail on your way to Honolulu.

Economy Sacramento-Brisbane

Economy Sacramento-Brisbane

Economy 767

Economy 767


How do you plan your trip?

Start watching for promotional tickets from the US to Australia.

A good source for that would be or proven for specific dates.

Watch out for less crouded airports in Hawaiian's network, lets say Sacramento or Oakland.

Also Las Vegas might be a good choice.

Book your flights and then start to finding your appropriate transatlantic connection depending on your needs and interests.

Add domestic US flights when necessary. Jetblue, Southwest and Vergin often have sales.


Creative routings could include New York or Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco or Sacramento.

I personally ended up with an open jaw ticket from Sacrameno to Brisbane-Sydney and Sydney-Honolulu-Las Vegas.