Current AZ Error Fare Hype RTW Biz below 800 Euro

Yes, the fare was/is available. Blogs are shouting it out loud. Be it Tokyo return for less than 600 Euro or Downunder for less than 800 Euro.

It is/was possible by simply booking a flight from Florence Italy to Düsseldorf Germany. Since it was a C fare you were somewhat flexible in picking the routing, lets say Florence-Paris-Hong Kong-Los Angeles-London-Düsseldorf.

These kind of fares have been around for years and will be luckily around for at least fäanother couple of years since airlines are still not willing to invest in modern - state of the art - reservation systems. 

So you better be quick, get yourself aboard on this one and enjoy the trip. 

PS. Papeete is still available but for some reasons -see above- slightly priced higher for round about 1500 Euros business return. 

Sample booking Papeete, Tahiti

Sample booking Papeete, Tahiti