When travelling to the US simply follow these tips to make your stay more comfortable. 

1. Sign-up for the respective loyalty program.  Not only that you usually have a dedicated check-in but it also comes with a couple of other amenities such as free wifi, late check-out or better rooms.

2. Make sure to read latest hotel reviews. So you can find out if the hotel currently undergos renovation. Ask at reception for an updated room right away. 

3. Be aware of bed bugs. Well hard to believe that such a highly deloped country has such a problem but you'll have them everywhere these little bastards even in the most sophisticated houses. So upon arrival look into your bed and under your bed. 



"The parents of little Nigg are requested to pick up their son from Smållllllland" were my first impressions when entering the SAS lounge in OSLO



Its Sunday morning, the lounge is filling up quickly. The food selection, especially the bread is good and I do watch young business professionals heading for the secret door, opening towards  SAS Gold kingdom

SAS Gold Lounge access

SAS Gold Lounge access

Same food with a touch of class and the obligatory smoked salmon sandwich. 

Am I jealous, I guess no, enjoying my coffee watching and learning. 


Sheep love banana

Sheep love banana


Oslo is by far one of my favourite places. Advent time is somethin really special. Karl Johanns Gate is magically lit up with shining and sparkeling bells and the wonderful Christmas market with local produce and its old merry go round is a must see.

Heading for fashionable and fancy Aker Brygge I was taken by surprise watching the beautiful opening firework for the festive season. 

Finishing off with a delicious fusion food dinner at ASiA restaurant Best beef Rendang for a long long time. Thumbs up for the chef.

Travelling to and from Oslo is super easy and well explained. 

Tip from Flori: Don't use the airport express train. It is twice a expensive as the standard train for 82kr, free wifi included and you reach OSLO S in less than half an hour.

Christmas decoration Oslo Opera House

Christmas decoration Oslo Opera House

Old merry go round, Oslo

Old merry go round, Oslo

Old time classic Oslo Grand Hotel

Old time classic Oslo Grand Hotel

Fireworks Aker Brygge  

Fireworks Aker Brygge  


Intersting to watch as we globally adapt to anglo-american customs and traditions.
A whole nation becomes totally nuts in terms of spending fortunes and hunting for the ultimate bargain. The hype usually starts with Thanksgiving, reaches its first peak with BLACK FRIDAY, continues over the weekend and then finally reaches another climax with CYBERMONDAY.
As I am writing about travels let me share some interesting discoveries.

AIR NEWZEALAND traditionally promotes decent fares ex LONDON and of course a CYBER TEASER was recently published. The lucky chosen will fly for 199GBP to LA
It is worth watching the site since it promises more to come on Monday.
Watch out for more.

AIR CHINA also jumped on the train. This time with flights originating from GERMANY.
370€ for a return flight to many ASIAN destinations is indeed not too bad but...
their business class sale for 1502 € return to AUSTRALIA is a real banger!!!



Well my friends from Poland definately know to party. A drink that I was only introduced recently is called Szarlotka or as I would call it liquid apple pie.
For sure it is worth a try and what you would need is simply apple juice and of course vodka.

And.... it is so simple to make.  Simply pour Zubrowka vodka over ice and add apple juice.

Mmmmmmm yummi


My pal Chris suffered from a severe trigeminal neuralgia which mainly caused his breakdown back in 2014. In search of alternative treatments and being fond of yoga I suggested him a YOGA RETREAT in India.

There are virutally dozens of offers on the net but only one really caught our interest. It was like finally finding the needle in the haystack when SHARAGANATI YOGAHAUS suddenly appeared.

Unlike all the other places, Hari the guruji and landlord is running the house as a private guesthouse where he likes to welcome friends and good souls rather than paying guests.

Shagaranati Yogahaus

Shagaranati Yogahaus

You virtually feel the spirit once you enter the lush gardens surrounding his traditional Varkala style house. "Feel yourself at home, make your self comfortable and take a deep breath" were his first words when we arrived late night coming from Delhi.
We went to our room, settled, and felt asleep in the huge old canopy bed. Waking up in the morning, listing to the early morning music from the eagles and other birds we  noticed the sound of cymbals calling for the morning meditation. Still a bit sleepy we took our stuff what we thought would be appropriate for the first class and we went up to the roof top where Hari had set up a nice space for meditation and first Asanas of the day. First we noticed our compatriotes for the days and weeks to follow.
A bunch of goods souls from around the globe with wide open hearts ready to share their experiences. 
Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale, there is nothing to do and there is nowhere to go became our credo and mantra for the weeks to come. Starting the day with Pranayama excercises and Vipassana medition he well prepared us for the Asanas to come (morning asanas). Breakfast was served at 10.30. Oatmeal and an abundance of locally fresh fruits were waiting....

Varkala Sunset

Varkala Sunset

Freetime afterwards, enjoying the peaceful setup of the garden. 

Some of us also went to the cliff with all its hustle and bustle of little souvenir shops and restaurants enjoying a freshly brewed coffee or an additional freshly squeezed juice at famous juice shag while using the free wifi available everywhere.  Hari prefers to keep his place sacred so no mobile phones or computers allowed on the premise.

Back at 1.30 pm Sheba the second good soul of the house was waiting with here freshly cooked Kerala style Vegan lunch..... mouth watering.  The bunch gathered in the tea hut in the garden enjoying this feast for all senses and finishing off with Masala tea and good conversation before the  afternoon class started at 4 pm shap.

The class started as almost every day with a few sun salutations to get you warm and ready for asana classes. 

Hari is an excellent teacher, giving you the room to explore and get to know your body rather than pushing you beyond your limits. Routine came automatically over time and especially Chris started to forget about his desease and recovered more from day to day. 

I advised him also to get some complementary Ayurveda treatments which he evenrually fiddled it in after breakfast. 

Ayurveda in Varkala is like Currywurst in Germany. You will find it at every corner and at many price levels. We relied on Haris expertise and his ties to the local community. He recommended Mother Ayurvedic Clinic lead by Mrs Bindu and her husband taking excellent care of you.  Well you don't have to expect luxury treatment rooms but what you get is authentic Ayurveda treatments and medicine. Based on Chris precondition a treatment of massage and shirodhara oil forehead treatment was chosen to calm mind and to release toxins. 

Well we can for sure not really answer what at the end caused the breakthrough. Was it three weeks of intense Yoga or the Ayurveda treatment or both.... well its not so important. 

Important is that I have my buddy Chris back with whom I hope to enjoying many interesting journeys in the years to come. 


Welcome to my first block about travelling, fine dining and well being.

OMG, not another blog about fine dining, travels and well being.
Well I have to confess that I stand in line with all these many many other travel nerds, constantly scanning the Net for bargains, error fares, milage runs and point deals. Not to forget to getting a hard-on by letting the rest of the community know, how many Platinum, Executive and Status levels they  achieved.

Well, a confession is a start and what I want to achieve with my blog is





- sharing impressions of travel
- showing the beauty of the planet
- giving valuable advise for good and comfortable travelling
  without spending a fortune
- simply telling interesting stories.